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Rental Policies for Sterling Breeze 1907

Rental policies for Sterling Breeze 1907, a luxury three bedroom, three bath, gulf front vacation rental condo in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida.

Rental Policies

Renter's Liability for Damages. Renter agrees to reimburse Owner for any damages to the Premises and to the furnishings, Equipment and household items therein, which occur during Renter's occupancy excluding normal wear and tear. Renter also agrees to reimburse Owner for lost revenue due to damages. Renter authorizes Owner or Owner's agent to charge the cost of such damages to the credit card guaranteeing payment. Renter also agrees that in the event Owner or Owner's agent is required costs and/or attorney's fees obtaining reimbursement from Renter for any such damage. Renter will be responsible for, and pay, any costs and Attorney's fees associated with damages.

Collections. In the event Owner or its management company takes action to collect any obligations under the authorization of this agreement, it shall be Entitled to recover all costs of collections incurred.

Pets. Pets are NOT allowed in the Premises. Should we discover a pet in the accommodations, renter will be charged a $500 fee for pest control, a deep cleaning of the premises and additional day's rent. In addition, renter will need to board the pet at a local kennel or vacate the premises.

Smoking. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the premises, on the balcony, or anywhere at the resort. Should smoking be detected in the premises, renter will be charged $500.00 to clean the unit.

 No Sublease. Renter shall NOT sublet or assign this Agreement without the prior written consent of Agent.

Entry of Premises. Agent or an authorized employee or repairman may enter the Premises during customary business hours (such limitation not to apply in cases of emergency) for any purpose connected with the cleaning, repair, improvement, care and management of the premises.

Compliance with Rules & Regulations. Renter shall obey all Federal, State and Local laws. In addition, Renter shall take all reasonable steps to see that he, members of his family and other occupants of the Premises adhere to the rules and regulations applicable to the Premises, and the Resort property, with the following rules and regulations being cited as of exceptional importance.

Rules of each property

1. Shooting of fireworks and carrying of firearms in the Resort are prohibited.

2. Boat trailers, trailers, motor homes, campers, buses, etc., must be parked and stored only in designated resorts areas. These vehicles along with scooters are prohibited on the private roads of the Resort.

3. The occupancy of the Premises, and the use of community walkways and common areas, shall be sufficiently quiet & peaceful so as to not disturb others.

4. Use of the Resort Facilities is limited to Renter and members of his party occupying the Premises.

5. Any careless actions by Renters that compromise the safety or enjoyment of other guests or Owner's, (i.e., throwing of any objects off balconies, loud or disruptive behavior) are strictly prohibited and warrant immediate eviction without refund.

6. Skateboarding is prohibited.

Termination of Rental. If Renter violates any of the conditions or restrictions of this Agreement or and Federal, State or local laws or ordinances, the Owner or its management company may terminate this Agreement and enter the Premises. Upon notice of termination of this Agreement, Renter shall vacate the Premises immediately and will forfeit all remaining funds on Rental account.

Age Requirement. The registered guest must be at least 25 years of age and provide their appropriate ID. The registered guest, who is totally liable, must be in the unit with all rental guests under the age of 25. Any renter that violates this term is subject to eviction with NO refund.

Advance Deposit Policy/Cancellation Policy. An advance payment is due at time of booking. The remainder is due 30 days prior to arrival. A cancellation made more than 30 days prior to check-in results in a loss of the security deposit ($250.00); A cancellation within 30 days of arrival forfeits the entire reservation total.